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TW: Domestic violence


Man makes joke about how he’d hit rihanna too because of her music

I tell man joke is not funny

Man tells me to get the fuck over it and that he is more of a feminist than most women 

I tell man that having lived through domestic violence, i’m probably not going to find it funny

Man says that if i’m going to get nowhere in life if i’m so fragile, to toughen up and that he’s not sorry. 


Can someone please cheer me up because i do not have the tools to deal with this and i think i’m going to throw up 

Ew.  That is terrible.  ((HUGS))

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    This made me so fucking angry. I’m sorry. What a horrible, horrible, terrible person.
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    Ew. That is terrible. ((HUGS))
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    What an asshole. I hate it when people act like it’s your problem if you find a “joke” offensive instead of fucking...
  8. jazznik said: What a shithead. He sounds like a complete idiot, please don’t let morons like this get to you. They’re SOSOSO not worth it.
  9. morethanlost said: he’s an asshole and he’s ignorant and that’s really sad that he’s gonna go through his life living like this
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